A Little About Myself

Desiree Estrada

I am a self-taught makeup artist who for years has been applying and expanding my craft amongst my family and friends. However, now it is time to venture out into the world of makeup artistry freelance. It is time to get my name out there and help to take the natural beauty that exists inside of all women, and make it shine for the world to see.

I feel blessed that I knew from a young age what I wanted to be and do when I grew up. It all began as a young child, as I watched my mom getting ready in front of her dresser mirror. I was fascinated by what she was doing. I wanted to be just like her, from the jewelry, clothes, shoes and makeup. Most of the time I would destroy her supplies in the process of trying to put it on myself. However, as I became old enough to wear makeup for more than innocent playtime, I began to understand the fundamentals of properly applying it.

My fascination never ended, and has only grown stronger as my knowledge and experience has expanded. It was that knowledge and experience that taught me that makeup artistry is more than just applying lipstick and you’re finished. It is so much more than that. I see it as a form of art. It is a way to express oneself with the colors one chooses. Bright and bold is how I like to wear my makeup. It reflects my personality of wanting to stand out in a positive way. It is the way that I display my love for life and the beautiful God-given colors that exist all around us.

That brings me to the reason for which I decided to go into this profession. I see it as a way to give a boost to the confidence in women. Makeup is not a necessity, but for those who want to wear it, I want to give them a sense of self, of which they can be proud as they walk through their lives. Whether it’s for a special wedding day, or maybe just going out for a night with friends, I want to help those who do not know as much about cosmetics and share my talent with them.

Recently, I have provided services in Pasadena, California, Los Angeles County and La Puente, California. I will continue to provide such services for these areas, as well as in the Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, and the counties of Orange and San Fernando. Any further locations can be discussed.

What I value most is making a difference in the lives of women; making them feel and look fabulous. In addition, I love the joy that is brought to me through building relationships with my clients.

My experience, thus far, has been the application of makeup on women for weddings – both bride and bridal party, party celebrations for various purposes, graduations, and women going out with friends to nightclubs. I am looking forward to expanding that experience, as I continue to learn in order to perfect my craft. We learn until the day we leave this life, and I am ready to continue learning throughout my journey.

Thank you!